Dr. Lisa Cacari Stone

Associate Professor of Health and Social Policy, College of Population Health

Lisa Cacari Stone, Ph.D., M.S., M.A.
Associate Professor of Health and Social Policy, College of Population Health
Executive Director/Principal Investigator, Transdisciplinary, Equity & Engagement Center, University of New Mexico

Lisa Cacari Stone has dedicated over 30 years of leadership in promoting health, advancing health equity and oversight of on-the-ground program implementation that supports children, families, and diverse intersectional racial, ethnic, LGBTQ and rural communities. She has served the public as a licensed behavioral health provider, director for a comprehensive child welfare agency, director of senior services, executive director of a rural federally qualified mental health clinic, state medical director and federal women’s health liaison with the U.S. Department of Health/Human Services.  Currently, she is the founding Director and Principle Investigator for a National Research Center of Excellence funded by the National Institutes of Health (Trans-disciplinary Research, Equity and Engagement Center) aimed at building team science in testing multi-level interventions to improve behavioral health with diverse tribal, border, rural/frontier and racial/ethnic communities in the US.  

Lisa has received special acknowledgment for her ability to build teams and convene diverse stakeholders in health equity processes such as participatory logical modeling and evaluation, tools for conducting research with community health workers and community engaged policy analyses and dialogues. Her areas of expertise include participatory policy analysis methods, government relations, health and immigration policies, research and evaluation and grants/contracts management.  Her research portfolio has involved $20 million in grants from private and public funders and encompasses the macro-level determinants of health (e.g. health reform, immigration policies), to the community level (e.g.Tool for Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments in frontier border communities), to the interpersonal level (e.g. role of ‘promotores de salud’ in bridging patient-provider communications).

She has written multiple articles (i.e. Health Affairs, American Journal of Public Health) and policy reports and delivered speeches nationwide. Lisa attained a PhD from Brandeis University in health policy, completed her postdoctoral research at the Harvard School of Public Health and served as a Congressional Health Policy Fellow with Senator Edward “Ted”Kennedy on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. She was a recipient of the WK Kellogg Fellowship in Health Policy and was a fellow with the Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Program.