Senior Project Manager with the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network


The Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) is a non-profit initiative to ensure food is healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable for all. Through policy creation, cooperative relationships and innovative projects, our goals are to close the gap in access to healthy food and food assistance programs, cultivate a fair local food economy, protect environmental resources and foster a diverse regional movement for Good Food.


The Healthy Neighborhood Market Network (HNMN) expands access to healthy food options in low-income under-served communities and also support small business development. HNMN builds the capacity of neighborhood markets and corner stores to offer healthy food through multilingual training events, leveraging resources for healthy food retail, and technical assistance and customized consultation for store owners who are interested in becoming healthy food retailers. Through our program, local store owners grow their business around a healthy food focused business model, while also elevating their leadership as an advocate for community wellness. Our most recent successful transformation resulted in a 300% daily revenue increase after the store renovations, and the store owner was recognized as “Business of the Year” by her local state senator. The Healthy Neighborhood Market Network program delivers high-level comprehensive services to assist healthy food retailers using expert reviewed educational material and has been recognized nationally as using an innovative model that addresses healthy food access holistically.


We are seeking an experienced, motivated professional to join us as a Senior Project Manager for the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network program. Upon the completion of program curriculum, a small cohort of dedicated program clients complete a “transformation project,” which includes renovations of the store to emphasize the increased focus on healthy food and community service. Transformation projects may include facade improvements, awning replacement, new signage, new refrigeration, interior painting and re-design, and occasionally more substantive building improvements that highlight a business mission focused on healthy foods. The Senior Project Manager will lead up to three transformation projects each year, working closely with the Program Director. This person will develop project timelines, project budgets, sources and uses tracking, construction tracking, marketing and communications, and ensure accurate reporting. The Senior Project Manager will foster cross-sector partnerships with private, public and non-profit agencies for each transformation project, including potential donors, investors or brand partners to fund the project. The person in this position will work in a setting that requires attention to multiple, simultaneous projects and efforts, and requires flexibility to shift priorities according to the changing needs of program participants, the program, and the organization.

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