• KevinMD: January 30, 2017

    Spend money on autism support, not conspiracy theories

    PI's Jessica Berthold wrote a blog post for KevinMD and The Doctor Weighs In on how a proposal to create a vaccine safety commission--purportedly to look into the link between autism and vaccines--is misguided. The money for such a panel would be better spent on supporting those who have autism.

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  • Milwaukee Independent: January 17, 2017

    Dr. Pinderhughes Outlines Path to Heal City at Safe MKE Symposium

    Last week, Prevention Institute traveled to Milwaukee to participate in Safe MKE, a half-day symposium focused on developing a comprehensive plan to prevent violence. Leaders from community, business, faith-based institutions, government, and health sectors convened to discuss causes of viоIеncе within Milwaukee, the impacts of community trauma, and the role of prevention. Milwaukee Independent reports on the symposium’s purpose of bringing community stakeholders together to contribute collectively to the community-wide strategy.

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  • CBS 58 (Milwaukee) : January 12, 2017

    Symposium Focuses On Reducing Violence And Crime In Milwaukee

    This TV news segment, about Milwaukee’s “Safe MKE” symposium on reducing violence in the city, features an interview with PI board member Howard Pinderhughes. Among other things, Howard says,” …Violence is a complex issue, and there are many, many things that go into the production of violence. And so any effective strategy has to be a more comprehensive approach.”

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  • The San Diego Union-Tribune: December 26, 2016

    Time to Tackle Football Safety

    In this op-ed, Larry Cohen argues for making football safer, citing the NFL's own estimate that 28% of players develop serious brain conditions, double the rate of the general population.

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  • Food Politics: December 23, 2016

    Weekend reading: Larry Cohen’s Prevention Diaries

    Marion Nestle, Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, and author of the blog Food Politics, recently reviewed Prevention Diaries, a new book by PI Founder Larry Cohen. She writes, "Prevention Diaries is Larry Cohen’s intensely personal and introspective account of why stopping health problems before they start makes sense for individuals and for societies—and is possible."  

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