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November 2007

Good Health Counts: A 21st Century Approach to Health and Community for California

This report focuses on indicators associated with community factors and how indicator reports and report cards can support community efforts to improve health.

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January 2009

Reducing Inequities in Health and Safety through Prevention

This publication by Prevention Institute and the Health Policy Institute provides recommendations for federal policy and spending in order to substantially reduce health inequities.

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December 2001

Growing the Next Generation: Strategies to Improve Nutrition and Child Development in Los Angeles County

This report - originally commissioned by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Health Services - provides strategies to improve nutrition and child development in Los Angeles County.

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May 2008

Strategies for Enhancing the Built Environment to Support Healthy Eating and Active Living

Though this brief primarily views the built environment through a public health lens, it also describes built environment issues from the perspective of environmental justice, sustainable food...

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May 2008

Promising Strategies for Creating Healthy Eating and Active Living Environments

This brief from the Convergence Partnership delineates crosscutting strategies that have the potential to engage diverse constituencies and address a diversity of issues that impact healthy eating...

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March 2009

Setting the Record Straight: Nutrition and Health Professionals Define Healthful Food

The stage is set for health and nutrition professionals to ally with other groups advocating for healthful and sustainable food in calling for government and industry policies that reshape our...

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November 2003

Traffic Safety in Communities of Color

This paper, co-authored by Prevention Institute and U.C. Berkeley, highlights major traffic safety needs within specific communities of color, and concludes that ongoing data collection and...

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