San Jose ACE|R profile

As one of eight communities in the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative, the East San Jose Peace Partnership has used ACE|R as its overarching framework. This emphasis has helped the project to remain focused on community level change strategies and provided a structure for expanding its focus to address multiple forms of violence.

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San Diego ACE|R profile

In City Heights in San Diego, CA, United Women of East Africa Support Team is addressing community trauma and building resilience in East African men and boys, using ACE|R as the organizing framework for their assessment, planning, and implementation efforts.

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Ohio ACE|R Profile

Ohio’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is utilizing the Framework to drive its statewide opioid prevention efforts and strategy in partnership with 12 communities. They are specifically using ACE|R to build trauma-informed coalitions and identify drivers of substance misuse.

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Milwaukee ACE|R Profile

In November 2017, Milwaukee released its Blueprint for Peace. Grounded in the Framework, the Blueprint identifies forms of violence and structural violence and draws on community assets and best practices to focus on preventing violence, as well as intervention efforts to ameliorate the impacts of violence and prevent future perpetration and victimization. 

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February 2018

Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience: Learning from Practice

Since the initial development of the Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience Framework in 2016, multiple networks and communities have shared it, as well as adopted, adapted and/or...

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January 2018

Working Cradle to Community in New Orleans: Advancing Integrated Solutions to Violence through Early Childhood Approaches

Recognizing positive early childhood development as an important component of a comprehensive violence prevention strategy, the New Orleans Health Department is working to bridge their community...

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Bridging Maternal & Child Health and Violence Prevention Strategies: How Baltimore Promotes Safety Across the Life Course

Cathy Costa presented Baltimore’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and violence prevention efforts at the 2016 City MatCH Leadership and MCH Epidemiology Conference. Baltimore has been a long-time member of Prevention Institute’s UNITY City Network. The narrative is excerpted from Cathy’s presentation at this September 2016 event in Philadelphia, PA.

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First 5 Alameda County: Place-based Community Safety Approaches for Early Childhood Development

Understanding that there are underlying conditions that contribute to violence, poverty, and negative early childhood outcomes, First 5 Alameda County is using a strengths-based approach and a variety of partnerships to support communities that have faced the greatest disenfranchisement. This narrative is based on two separate presentations of First 5 Alameda County’s place-based work: Lisa Erickson’s presentation during a 2016 Prevention Institute web conference on engaging the community development sector, and Carla Keener’s Cradle to Community panel presentation at the 2016 American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting.

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December 2017

Supporting forgotten fathers: Changing systems, norms, and outcomes for young fathers in support of healthy child development and community safety

Fathers and father figures are essential members of families and communities who play many roles, including raising children and fostering safety in the community. As part of the national project...

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